Our Story

We started with the mission to reinvent how content creators and creative professionals bring their vision to life. We were the first to establish the design software marketplace by creating QuarkXPress, the smart solution for every creative professional to leverage the most modern and efficient design software in the market. We achieved a dominant position in the desktop publishing market and became the standard for desktop publishing. After achieving that position, we started working on another solution - Content Enablement. 

Today, Quark Content Enablement is the only enterprise SaaS platform designed to fulfil all your Digital Publishing, Content Automation, Content Management, Marketing Enablement, and Sales Enablement needs. Whether creating regulatory documentation, policies, and procedures, investment research reports, or interactive marketing communications, the world’s most recognized brands are modernizing their content strategies and processes with Quark solutions.


Years In Business


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We have been perfecting Content for over 39 years now, our unique and innovative solutions have created the most productive, cost-effective, and secure experience for our customer base. Our solutions have won many prestigious awards in the industry and adopted by renowned companies all over the world.   The success has been great, and we always look for new ideas that make assets more polished. We aim to continue producing and updating our solutions to make your content brilliant To make your content brilliantTM.

Our Mission

To continuously make the world’s most innovative organizations more efficient, effective, and competitive in their respective areas by allowing them to tell their story through brilliant Content.