Content Management

Simplify the management and access of all your enterprise content. Make finding and using content a joy.

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reduction in unused content


faster search; driven by advanced metadata tagging


increase in conversion with content analytics


Content Management

Having all your content in a single repository makes it easier to manage and control the entire content lifecycle, and the way it is delivered and consumed. Our AI powered recommendation engine helps you find the right content, at the right place and the right time.

The content management solution provides an intelligent workflow that is business critical for organizations that need accuracy, agility and most importantly scalability.


Digital Asset Management

Our Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform allows you to store and organize different types of rich media in a single repository. It also allows you to share content directly with your internal and external stakeholders. With enhanced security and searchability features, it empowers everyone involved in the content lifecycle.


Content Access Portal

The content access portal offers a fine-grained access control system to the users. The portal allows the administrator to offer role based access to users. With this, your business critical content is always in the right hands.


Content Aggregation

With cloud-based asset management, users can leverage content aggregation capabilities to create a unique and customized solution for each opportunity. With ‘Clip’ functionality, users can now curate pieces from various assets, and collate them into one unique asset, within few clicks.


Content Hubs

With dynamic content hubs, users and stakeholders can now easily find branded, curated content. Content hub can help you show the top performing content first, so that it’s easier for you to find the most relevant content.


AI Enabled Content Search And Recommendations

Fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our platform recommends the most effective content for each specific need, based on a number of factors. Recommendations help you find the most relevant content easily and quickly, thus speeding up the engagement process.


Content Sharing

By creating a central repository of business critical content, your team can now easily find these resources and can share with prospects/clients quickly. By offering multiple access options, you can now choose how you want the content to be consumed – view online, download, share within team etc.


Content Personalization

Delivering an exceptional experience is almost impossible without a personal touch. Even if it is, then also a hint of personalization can add another layer of engagement level to it. In order to cut through the noise and prove to a buyer that they can solve their problems, sellers need to communicate to their buyers on a personal level.


Content Analytics

Ever wondered what happened to that brochure that your team sent to a highly engaged prospect? Would you not want to know if it ever got consumed or not? With advanced analytics at the core, you can now track the performance of your content at a granular level.