Marketing Enablement

Eliminate the chaos involved in creating, managing, and delivering brand-consistent content. Drive better lead scores with measurable content engagement.


higher lead generation ROI with lead scoring


boost in conversions


increase in content usage


Marketing Enablement

Managing a library of branded content has never been this easier. You can now work collaboratively with all the stakeholders involved, and provide them with a seamless experience. With advanced analytics, it is now easier to see the metrics associated with each piece of content.

Our Marketing Enablement solution helps in improving the sales and marketing alignment by driving insights needed to create campaigns that convert.


Marketing Asset Management

Often confused with Digital Asset Management (DAM), Marketing Asset Management (MAM) is all about creating and managing a library of branded materials including logos, images, sales collaterals, audio and video assets.


Metadata Tagging

With granular metadata tagging capabilities, the solution offers dynamic content recommendations, easy content organization and thus easy searchability of related content.


Content Hubs

With dynamic content hubs, users and stakeholders can now easily find branded, curated content related that would suit the profile of the prospect. Content hub can help you show the top performing content first, so that it's easier for you to find the most relevant content.


Content Distribution

The distribution of content is one of the major responsibilities of the sales enablement team. Having said that, it is equally important to identify the most relevant content for the right audience. With this platform, distribution is a breeze. The recommendation engine suggests the most relevant content, and it can be delivered to the right person in a matter of few clicks.


Content Lead Scoring

The AI powered content lead scoring model helps sales teams close deals more quickly and efficiently. With content lead scoring, you can now score the content basis on its performance. So the next time your recommendation engine fires up, it shows the most relevant content first, and enables the sales team to distribute the most effective content.


Content Personalization

Delivering an exceptional experience is almost impossible without a personal touch. Even if it is, then also a hint of personalization can add another layer of engagement level to it. In order to cut through the noise and prove to a buyer that they can solve their problems, sellers need to communicate to their buyers on a personal level.


Content Analytics

Ever wondered what happened to that brochure that your team sent to a highly engaged prospect? Would you not want to know if it ever got consumed or not? With advanced analytics at the core, you can now track the performance of your content at a granular level.


Marketing Automation Integration

Not all prospects are sales worthy. This is where marketing automation can help you qualify. With automated movements within various stages of a funnel, a marketing automation tool can easily help in nurturing a lead from an MQL to an SQL. So, the sales team can focus on what they do best - closing a deal.