Sales Enablement

Help your sales organization sell more effectively. Supercharge your CRM with the power of personalizable, hyper-relevant content, leading to higher win rates.


higher win rates


lower rep turnover

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organizations effective at content personalizing


Sales Enablement

When it comes to sales, there’s no room for guesswork. With our sales enablement solution, you can now deliver unmatchable experiences to your stakeholders and your customers alike. Design, Build, Personalize and Deliver exceptional experiences, not only for your customers but also your internal stakeholders. Automate your entire sales communication lifecycle with our AI and ML driven engine.

Automate your entire sales communication lifecycle with our AI and ML driven engine.


Salesforce Integration

Easily integrate with Salesforce, and thus enable your sales team with all the power they need. Free up your sales reps from the rudimentary work of looking for the appropriate content for engaging with prospects/clients. They can now easily find the right content, at the right place and at the right time.


Sales Asset Management

Content is at the heart of Sales Enablement. Easily identify your best content that drives sales. Make all your business-critical content available within a central repository. With this, your content is – always available, easy to search, easily accessible on-the-go and always up-to-date.


Sales Guidance

Equip your sales team to find the most relevant piece of content, that would resonate best with your Ideal Client Profile. With an advanced recommendation engine, free up your sales team from the time consuming task of manually searching for the most relevant content. Experience active sales guidance for each prospect, right from your mailbox or CRM of your choice.

Sales Readiness

Modern buyers have become more aware and more informed. Hence, it is important for sales teams to be ready at all times to provide valuable insights that win deals. With Sales Readiness, prepare your sellers to always keep up with the fast-changing buyer demands and expectations. Equip them with the proper skills and knowledge to have the conversations needed throughout a buyer’s journey.

AI Enabled Content Search & Recommendations

Fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Quark Sales Enablement recommends the most effective content for each specific client, based on demographic factors. Recommendations help you find the most relevant content easily and quickly, thus speeding up the engagement process.


Content Driven Engagement

The best metric to define the quality of your content is user experience (UX). See how your buyers engage with your content. A great UX helps the consumer interact with your content in a meaningful manner. By measuring such engagement, identify content that drives most numbers to your business.


Content Experiences

When it’s time to make a sale, certain content types hold more weight. In theory, any piece of content can work as sales enablement, but it is all about the experience that your content delivers. By critically analyzing the needs of your customer, you can now deliver content that enhances the overall consumption experience and thus eases the buyer-seller-engagement process.


Engagement Analytics

With advanced analytics, you can now get real time updates on the consumption of your content. Critical insights like – Open, View, Session time, Exit rate – help you hit the right spot at the right time. Imagine, sending a custom offer to your customer right when you see the engagement level dropping. That’s the power of engagement analytics.