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Software License Activation Questions

Single copies of QuarkXPress®, QuarkCopyDesk®, and Quark® Print Collection require activation to ensure that the software is not used on more computers than authorized by the license.

If your QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk software is part of a multi-seat installation, Quark License Administrator (QLA) manages all your software licenses. Software activation by individual users is not necessary.

Activation is not the same thing as product registration. Activation does not require that you submit your name, e-mail address, or any other identifying information. During the activation process, the application gathers some information about the hardware configuration of the computer on which you have installed Quark software, converts that information into an installation code that is unique to only that computer, and then sends the installation code to Quark. This installation code is used only to ensure that your Quark software is used only on the computer where it was installed. There is no way to retrieve specific hardware information from an installation code.

In addition to gathering your installation code, Quark gathers the current IP address of the computer in order to get a general idea of the geographic region of the computer on which Quark software is installed.

Activation is Easy and Quick

Activation through the internet takes about a minute and user participation is minimal. No hardware key is required to activate your license, and you can now upgrade your hardware as often as necessary without having to reactivate your Quark software license.

Please note if you replace your computer or make extensive hardware changes you will need to reactivate your software immediately.

What happens if I don't activate?

After the test drive expires, your Quark product goes into reduced functionality mode.

Activation on Multiple Computers

A single-user license of Quark software allows you to install and use the software on two computers non-concurrently.

If you want to use your QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk software on both your primary and secondary computer, such as a laptop, simply installthe software on two computers on the same platform. This feature is available only to the primary, registered user of QuarkXPress or QuarkCopyDesk single-user software license.

Activation Helps Thwart Software Piracy

License activation addresses the increasing problem of software piracy, specifically the unauthorized sharing of software through casual copying.

Software piracy costs developers millions of dollars every year. By stopping piracy, software companies will be able to pour more money into research, development, and support, which ultimately results in a better product for you.