Photo Editing

With superior image editing capabilities of QuarkXPress, capture life and portray your imagination with image adjustments, image filters, Transparency blend modes and advanced image control. Create artifacts which can be aesthetic as dramatic to propel your business branding.


Designing posters with QuarkXPress is a quick and easy way to turn your creativity into stylish posters of all kinds. Creativity is exciting, and QuarkXPress is a great way to make splendid posters.



A powerful yet easy-to-use design software, QuarkXPress helps create eye-catching web and advertising banners in no time. Design single-color banners to photo realistic multi-color banners in any size, and shape.



QuarkXPress allows creating fantastic flex designs that are highly attractive not only to the target audience but to anyone who gets a quick glimpse of it.


Photo Editing Features Powered by Cutting-edge Technology

Fine Tune Your Images

When you want to fine tune your images without affecting its originality, QuarkXPress offers non-destructive image editing capabilities. At any time you can remove or add adjustments made in the images without switching to other software.

  • Image adjustments
  • Image filters
  • Image transformations
  • Transparency
  • Grey image colorization
  • Blend modes

Advanced Image Control

Whether you want to change the appearance of the images that you insert into your templates or just edit, enhance or fix your images, everything is right there in QuarkXPress.

  • Support for Alpha channels and clipping paths
  • Edit image clipping paths
  • Change layer transparencies, show & hide layers
  • Native PSD support
  • ICC color profiles


The most significant need for any designer is the extent of collaboration offered by a design solution. QuarkXPress allows you to collaborate and convert different formats of files easily including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word & Excel and a number of picture formats.

Better SOFTWARE Means Better Collaboration
  • Edit PDF as Native objects
  • Paste as Native objects
  • Import/Export - Picture Formats (JPEG, PNG and TIFF)
  • Easily Drag and Drop Images
  • Professional Image Export

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