Web Publication

Designing and publishing interactive publications used to be dull and repetitive. Now you have the tools and the support to create responsive webpages, mockups, wireframes, and UI design with the power, precision, and flexibility of QuarkXPress’s Flex Layout. Create beautiful publishing layouts that work seamlessly on any browser or device.


QuarkXPress provides users the capability and necessary features to design e-books for both digital and print publications. QuarkXPress makes it convenient to publish ePubs on Kindle with all the interactivity that you need to showcase.


HTML Flipbooks

Creating flipbooks has never been easier. With QuarkXPress, it’s simple to design and publish flipbooks for online and offline viewers.

HTML Flipbooks

Responsive Websites

When you want your publication to respond according to user’s behavior and environment based on device, orientation and screen size, you get it done in QuarkXPress.

Responsive Websites

Get ready to design responsive web pages with Flex layouts

Cruise from Print to the Digital Publishing

Reading Experience on a Digital Platform

Cruise from Print to the Digital Publishing

Digital clicks are the need of the hour and so the publications that were designed for print can now switch seamlessly from Print to Digital with QuarkXPress.

  • Native HTML5 export
  • Fixed layout eBooks in ePub/Kindle format
  • Reflowable eBooks
  • Create offline HTML5 Publications (progressive web apps)


Design and Preview on a Draggable Canvas
QuarkXPress introduces groundbreaking modern responsive web design with a dragger where you can effortlessly generate rich interactive digital publications for truly rich, responsive experience.

Flexible Canvas
  • Page builder blocks
  • Live preview
  • Rich typography
  • Quality graphics
  • Object browser
  • CSS Flex attributes support
  • No HTML or coding skills required

Add Interaction to Your Publications

Content that Plays, Stays on Mind
What’s the use of a publication if it cannot allow a viewer to interact with it? Add necessary interactive elements that can also help you monitor and track what’s working and what’s not.

Add Interaction to Your Publications
  • Embed audio/videos
  • Animation support
  • Picture zoom and 360-degree rotation
  • Embed custom html
  • Slideshows and custom web views
  • Scrollable zones
  • Actionable buttons

Master the Art of Design & Publishing with QuarkXPress Solutions

Assemble Imagination, Graphics and Content to Unleash Creativity

QuarkXPress – Your Go-To Digital Publishing Platform from Print to Web

Delight your readers with a high-quality web publishing content clubbed with interactive visual elements, such as image galleries, videos, animations, and forms. QuarkXPress is the smartest solution for every creative professional who wants to leverage the most from the modern and highly efficient design and digital publishing software in the market.

No matter if you are an individual user, a team of creative professionals or an organization whose forte is multi-channel publishing, we have got everything covered with the need-based QuarkXPress products and solutions.